Create a more eco-friendly work environment.

More of today’s best-run businesses understand green is good.

Corporate sustainability. The green office. A more eco-efficient workplace. Today’s businesses are looking to take a more earth-friendly approach to help minimize their environmental impact. How companies use—and re-use—water and its packaging can help play a substantial role. The decisions you make today can have a positive influence on the future.

It’s easy to jump-start efforts to improve sustainability in the workplace and make a real difference.

It includes water.

Water is the foundation of life, with the power to transform our health, communities and planet. As the world’s largest provider of bottled water, BlueTriton Brands seeks ways to steward resources for future generations. Our sustainability initiatives include water, packaging, and recycling.

Many businesses want to provide their employees and customers with convenient, great-tasting water. But, today, that’s just the beginning. Thankfully, most organizations want to promote sustainable, eco-friendly practices as well. You’ll find that we can help your business meet those eco-friendly goals when you use our water delivery service ReadyRefresh, a division of BlueTriton Brands.

Less really is more. Our goal to help reduce our environmental footprint is driven by our packaging Research and Development team. At BlueTriton Brands, we follow “Design for Recycling” standards to help ensure that our bottles can be recycled by consumers. As part of our long commitment to sustainability, we’ve substantially reduced the material used in our packaging over the past decade.

Companies can further reduce waste by enrolling in paperless billing—an eco-friendly option that adds convenience, reduces paper use and saves on postage.

Most businesses opt for refillable 3- and 5-gallon bottles, served hot or cold from a dispenser. We deliver them and pick them up as well to ensure there is less waste. We then clean, refill and reuse each bottle approximately 25 times before it’s recycled.

Our bottles are made out of PET plastic, which is safe, lightweight, durable and, best of all, 100% recyclable. That means, if it’s recycled properly, every PET plastic bottle can be used to create plastic materials, like bottles, carpets and other goods, again and again.

PET is also water and fuel efficient compared to other packaging material. Although its raw materials are often derived from crude oil and natural gas, its greenhouse gas emission footprint is favorable when compared to glass, aluminum and other container materials. The environmental footprint of a PET bottle is further reduced when recycled material is used - ORIGINTM and some Pure Life® plastic bottles were our first major nationally distributed bottled waters on the market to be made using 100% recycled PET and now Saratoga® plastic bottles have joined their league. One liter and sport cap bottles from our regional spring water brands are made of recycled PET as well.

Of course, we all have an important role to play in recycling in the workplace. Remember to dispose of waste plastic properly. We encourage every business to recycle.

Our corporate sustainability strategy extends beyond our office walls to the communities in which we operate. We have committed to certifying all our factories to the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) standard by 2025. BlueTriton Brands continues to play a leading role in helping to protect water resources around the world as we demonstrate that good water stewardship is possible.

Eco-friendly workplaces are the future, so consider every business decision and its impact on our planet.

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