Keeping Millennials Satisfied at the Office

Millennials are the Largest Cohort of the U.S. Workforce

56 million strong,1 they’re more diverse and more educated than previous generations2 and as digital natives, they’re also likely to be more tech-savvy.3 They are generally optimistic about the future and want a job where they can make a real difference.

Employers Need New Ways to Keep Millennials Engaged and Happy at the Office

For all their many virtues, Millennials can be hard employees to retain. In a recent survey, 78 percent were interested in switching jobs.4 There’s also good news, though—roughly two-thirds of Millennials are more engaged when their employers show that they care about their well-being.5

Work-life Balance is a Top Priority 6

Their ideal workplace offers flexible hours, the option to work from home at least some of the time, and opportunities to socialize with colleagues. Millennials also place very high importance on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.7 They expect opportunities to refresh, decompress and practice self-care.

Catering to the "Wellness Generation"

To help keep Millennials satisfied, employers might want to rethink the way they stock the employee break room. Millennials account for over 40 percent of U.S. coffee consumption,8 but the day of the old-fashioned drip coffeepot is past. Instead, Millennials like to brew up a Opens in new windowsingle serving of their favorite flavor. Because they enjoy treating their taste buds to new experiences,9 it’s a good idea to keep a variety of ground coffee flavors on hand, including decaf. And consider keeping some ready-to-drink coffee beverages and cold brew in the fridge.

Thirsty Millennials Tend to Prefer Water Over Sugary Sodas and Juice DrinksOpens in new window 11

Many choose to keep a vacuum insulated water bottle at their desks to keep their electrolyte levels balanced. But don’t expect them to fill it up with tap water that may contain contaminants. Ensure cleaner water by using Opens in new windowfiltration systems or Opens in new windowwater dispensers loaded with Opens in new window5-gallon jugs of spring water. Finally, for those who leave their refillable bottles at home, keep a selection of Opens in new windowstill, flavored, and sparkling bottled water on hand to make hydration a truly refreshing experience.

Tea is Another Favorite Beverage of Health Concious Millennials

It provides a quick pick-me-up that is plant-based, low in calories and rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Surprisingly, tea consumption by younger Americans has increased by 20 percent since 2000, and tea is now nearly as popular as coffee.Opens in new window 10 Stock up on high-quality tea for brewing a hot soothing cup and be sure to include ready-to-drink Opens in new windowiced tea in the mix.

Serve Sustainable Snacks in the Breakroom

Instead of the traditional "three squares," many Millennials choose to graze or snack throughout the day. Ninety-six percent report replacing a meal with a snack once a week.12 It’s not surprising, then, that the availability of free snacks ranks high on their list of office perks.

Millennials like to have a variety of healthy snacks on hand: 37 percent crave granola or snack bars. While they’re more likely than other generations to snack on fruit, vegetables, cheese or yogurt, 32 percent admit to liking salty snacks like popcorn, chips and nuts.13

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