Workplace productivity includes water.

A healthier, more productive workplace includes helping your employees stay hydrated.

Water and hydration are keys to wellness. Water transports nutrients and oxygen throughout the body and aids in the everyday functions necessary for optimal health and cognitive functioning. It can also play a key role in workplace productivity, as well as employee satisfaction and morale. Healthy hydration can be an important part in a successful business.

Simply adding water is an easy way to contribute to employees’ health by helping them stay hydrated without adding calories.

Add water and you’ll help your business in many ways:

Boost productivity
Lack of water can lead to dehydration—even mild dehydration can cause cognitive impairments that can lead to stress, agitation and forgetfulness. That fatigue can impact workplace performance, productivity and can have an adverse effect on decision-making. Once a person is thirsty, they may already be dehydrated; in fact, losing as little as 1-2% of water from the body can impact cognitive function. A convenient source of water can keep employees from becoming dehydrated and contribute to productivity in the workplace.

Offer a healthy beverage alternative
Most people are aware that diet and physical activity are vital to overall health and wellness, however beverage choice is just as important. Sugar-sweetened beverages are a top source of added sugars in the American diet. Water has zero calories and zero sugar, making it a healthy alternative to sugary drinks and other sweetened beverages. National organizations, such as the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, recommend water as the beverage of choice starting as young as 6 months, continuing throughout the lifecycle. Want to avoid sugar but prefer flavored water? We invite you to check out ORIGINTM and Splash FizzTM for flavored sparkling water and Splash BlastTM for flavored still water.

Improve workplace satisfaction and morale
While you may never hear an employee say, “I stayed for the water,” employees leave companies every day because they feel the organization does not care about them. Providing drinking water can be a simple way to show employees that you care about them. Thankfully, going from “the bare minimum” to a “top-notch experience” is just a small investment. Today, many companies offer water for about $1 a day. It’s a simple way to help improve staff morale and show employee appreciation.

Show you care
A breakroom stocked with a healthy assortment of beverages, including still and sparkling water, can show you care about your employees’ health and a simple way to illustrate your appreciation for their contributions. Friendly chats around the water cooler may inspire more positive employee interaction. Why not offer bottled water at meetings, employee birthday parties, company celebrations and to those visiting your office? You can also encourage employees to have a refillable water bottle on hand. You’ll help make it easy for employees to take better care of themselves and help promote a healthy lifestyle.

The first step toward a healthier workplace is simple: Just add water. It’s easy, affordable and one of the smartest things you can do for your business.

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