Description on Products features

  • Direct Delivery

    Enjoy filtration installation and white-glove delivery service directly to any school building or facility.​

  • Greater Choice

    ReadyRefresh offers a wide selection of water to help keep everyone happy and hydrated.​

  • Popular Brands

    Select from top American and International brands your students and educators love.

  • Compliance

    Skip bidding by working with one of our Public Procurement Company Partners.

Healthy Hydration Delivered Right Where—and When—You Need It

Learn from some of America’s top universities and school systems that trust ReadyRefresh Water Delivery Service. From preschools to K-12 to large universities, we deliver healthy hydration for students, educators, administrators and visitors.

  • Convenient and precise delivery. Save time, energy and resources with direct delivery to the buildings or departments of your choice.

  • Superior choice. From single serve case packs to water dispensers with 5-gallon bottles to filtration, we offer a range of water products to meet your needs.

  • Compliance.Comply with purchasing regulations by joining one of our Group Purchasing Organization partners.​

  • Emergency Water provider. Fulfill your Emergency Water Supply Plan - about EWSP (EWSP) with ReadyRefresh and ensure a supply of clean water available for drinking—in any situation.

  • Trust ReadyRefresh. We deliver reliable, professional service—from order through delivery and installation—to help everyone stay hydrated and healthy.