Description on Products features

  • Direct Delivery

    Enjoy reliable direct delivery and installation to any government building, location or facility.

  • Premium Choice

    Choose from a wide range of top, premium-quality brands and filtration services to help keep everyone hydrated.

  • Clear Value

    Competitive pricing, first-class service and reliable delivery to government agencies of all sizes.

  • Compliance

    Skip bidding by using one of our Public Procurement Company Partners.

Water Delivery with Greater Convenience and Service

Today, we refresh Local, State and Federal government organizations of all sizes with water, coffee and breakroom supplies as well as filtration solutions.

  • Convenient and precise delivery. ReadyRefresh delivers directly to the building of your choice—so you save time, energy and resources.

  • Beyond price. Communities across America find great value in our affordable prices, best in class service and reliable delivery.

  • Compliance. Be compliant with all purchasing regulations by becoming a member of one of our Group Purchasing Organization partners.

  • Emergency Water provider. Fulfill your Emergency Water Supply Plan - about EWSP (EWSP) and compliance requirements with ReadyRefresh and ensure a supply of clean water available for drinking—in any situation.

  • Trust ReadyRefresh. We deliver responsive, professional service—from order through delivery and installation—so you’re ready when it counts. It’s easy to get started.