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General Information

What is ReadyRefresh®?

ReadyRefresh® is a beverage delivery service on a mission to make it simple for people to live a healthier lifestyle. We provide access to a variety of leading bottled-water brands like Arrowhead® Brand Mountain Spring Water, Pure Life®, Perrier® and S.Pellegrino®. And we also carry tasty flavored waters, iced teas and sparkling fruit beverages. With our easy-to-use Opens in new windowwebsite, expanded delivery hours, flexible frequency options, and wide variety of beverages, staying stocked on your favorite refreshments is as easy as it is convenient.

ReadyRefresh® is owned and operated by BlueTriton Brands, Inc.

Does ReadyRefresh® only deliver in specific areas?

Yes, ReadyRefresh® services specific areas and regions across the United States. Follow these easy steps to find out if we can service your area:

  1. Visit the Opens in new windowhomepage
  2. In the right corner click the "Deliver To:" dropdown and type your zip code
  3. This will confirm if ReadyRefresh® is delivered in your area

With current Covid-19 protocols in place, we are operating in a touchless environment. To ensure the safety of our customers and our drivers, we are not doing dispenser set ups at this time. We’ll deliver your dispenser right to your doorstep and will leave it outside of your home. No one needs to be home for a dispenser delivery at this time.

Don’t worry! Instructions are on the packaging for easy set up!

Note: If our driver is unable to leave the dispenser at your front door for any reason, we will contact you to re-schedule the delivery.