Refresh Plus - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be a Hydration Hero or Hydration Superhero member and sign-up for a Bundle plan?
With Refresh+ you'll have to choose the plan that works best for you! Pick between a membership plan or bundle plan. With our Hydration Hero or Hydration Superhero membership plans, you'll say hello to member-only discounts and other exclusive perks. With our Bundle plans, you get 5-gallon bottle service at a great value.
What is the difference between a Bundle and a Hydration Hero or Hydration Superhero membership plan?
Good question! With a Bundle plan, you choose 4, 5, or 6 Nestlé ® Pure Life ® 5-Gallon bottles and we deliver on a monthly basis. Don’t worry, you can always change the quantity of bottles in your bundle and add additional products (applicable costs will apply)! With our Hydration Hero and Hydration Superhero memberships, you’ll unlock exclusive discounts, refreshing perks, and free delivery on all of your orders (up to 12 deliveries per year for Hydration Hero and unlimited for Hydration Superhero)!
What is the difference between free delivery vs. delivery included?
Free delivery comes with your Hydration Hero or Hydration Superhero membership. It means just that! You can have your orders delivered for free (up to 12 orders for Hydration Hero and unlimited for Hydration Superhero per 12 months) throughout the year.
Delivery included applies to Bundle plan. The cost of your delivery is already included in your monthly bundle price.
Is there an order minimum for free delivery?
Yes! Just like with standard orders on ReadyRefresh, all orders must meet the current order minimum amount.
If I sign up for an Bundle plan, can I add more items to my order and still receive free delivery?
Yes! You can add additional products (applicable costs will apply) to your Bundle AND you will still receive free delivery!
What products and services are included in the member discounts?
Member discounts for Hydration Hero and Hydration Superhero apply to any of our small-format bottled waters (this includes your favorite sparkling, flavored, enhanced and coconut water case-packs!). Discounts also apply to our coffee & tea products, cups, breakroom supplies and professional dispenser cleaning services. So many ways to save! Unfortunately, Hydration Hero and Hydration Superhero member discounts do not apply to dispensers or to our 3- or 5-gallon water bottles.
What is Professional Dispenser Cleaning Service?
The ReadyRefresh ® Professional Dispenser Cleaning Service leaves you with a clean dispenser and fresh tasting water! Our dedicated ReadyRefresh® Technicians use a professional-grade cleaner/sanitizer and equipment to employ a unique process that thoroughly cleans and sanitizes your water dispenser. Our process removes 99.9% of bacteria*. In addition to cleaning all external surfaces, our Technicians will remove internal components and clean all water contact surfaces. The spigots, baffle, and non-spill assembly are either cleaned or replaced, and then the dispenser is thoroughly flushed with distilled water. Finally, a fresh bottle is set up, and you’re once again ready to enjoy refreshing and great-tasting water.

*See here for more details:
How much do I save on Professional Dispenser Cleaning Service with a Hydration Hero or Hydration Superhero membership?
Clean, great-tasting water has never been easier. As a Hydration Hero member, you'll save 15% on one cleaning per year. As a Hydration Superhero member, you will receive one-free cleaning per year and 25% off any additional cleanings scheduled.
What is priority delivery?
As a Hydration Superhero member, we’re always prioritizing you and your delivery. What does this mean? Your delivery is always on the top of our list and prioritized on the schedule.
How am I billed for my membership or plan?
Hydration Hero and Hydration Superhero memberships are billed as one upfront payment that covers you for a year. With our Bundle plans, you’ll get billed after each delivery you receive.
Will my membership auto-renew after 12 months?
Yes! For your convenience, the membership will be auto renewed at the end of your current term. If you don’t wish to enjoy the benefits for the following term, simply opt out of auto renew in the “My Account” section on the web at any time prior to renewal.
How do I change/cancel my membership?
To make any changes to your membership or Bundle plan, give us a call at 1-800-274-5282 and our dedicated member support team will be happy to help. Applicable cancellation fees may apply.

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