Our dispenser pro cleaning service ensures great-tasting water

We thoroughly clean and sanitize your dispenser inside and out through a rigorous multistep process.

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Explore the benefits of our professional service

Professional Cleaning

We use a professional-grade cleaner and sanitizer to service all parts that come in contact with water, including delicate internal parts.

Expert Maintenance

Our Technicians know what to look for and know how to keep your dispenser pristine.

Peace of Mind

Rest easy - with our Professional Cleaning Service, your water dispenser is in expert hands.

Enjoy Great-Tasting Water

Regularly scheduled professional cleaning ensures that the water you enjoy is of the highest quality.

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Per dispenser serviced.

Exterior & reservoir cleaning check check
Thorough dispenser diagnostics   check
Use professional-grade-sanitizers & tools   check
Clean internal water-contact surfaces   check
Replace or cleanse spigots & gaskets   check
Replace or clean baffle   check
Replace or cleanse non-spill assembly   check

Frequently Asked Questions


Just like other appliances, regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary for your water dispenser to perform at it's best. Over time, water dispensers are exposed to things like dirt, dust, pollution, germs, bacteria and sunlight that can impact the dispenser's hygiene level and, subsequently, the taste of the water.

The ReadyRefresh Professional Cleaning Service goes beyond what customers can generally do by themselves. Our dedicated ReadyRefresh Technicians use a professional-grade cleaner/sanitizer and equipment to employ a unique process that thoroughly cleans and sanitizes your water dispenser. Our process removes 99.9% of bacteria*. In addition to cleaning all external surfaces, our Technicians will remove internal components and cleanse all water contact surfaces. The spigots, baffle and non-spill assembly are either cleaned or replaced, and then the dispenser is thoroughly flushed with distilled water. Finally, a fresh bottle is set up, and you’re once again ready to enjoy refreshing and great-tasting water.

It is our commitment to ensure the health and safety of our customers while providing you with this service. In an effort to adhere to social distancing guidelines, our Professional Cleaning Service will now be performed outside of the home. You have the choice to give our technician access to your home to retrieve the dispenser or we ask that you bring the dispenser out yourself. Our technicians will now perform the service outside of the home, in the hallway or common area of a building, or in their van.

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per dispenser serviced