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  • Professional Cleaning

    We use a professional-grade cleaner and sanitizer to service all parts that come in contact with water, including delicate internal parts.

  • Expert Maintenance

    Our Technicians know what to look for and know how to keep your dispenser pristine.

  • Peace of Mind

    Rest easy - with our Professional Cleaning Service, your water dispenser is in expert hands.

  • Enjoy Great-Tasting Water

    Regularly scheduled professional cleaning ensures that the water you enjoy is of the highest quality.

Frequently Asked Questions


Taking care of your water dispenser is as important as taking care of other appliances. Besides dirt, dust, and pollution, water dispensers are exposed to bacteria and germs. As a result, the dispenser's hygiene level and the water's taste may be affected.

The ReadyRefresh® Professional Cleaning Service provides a thorough cleaning and sanitization of your water dispenser. This service goes beyond what customers can typically do themselves. Our technicians use high-quality cleaners and sanitizers to remove 99.9% of bacteria*.
The process includes:

  • cleaning all external surfaces.
  • removing internal components.
  • cleaning all water contact surfaces.
  • cleaning or replacing the spigots, baffle, and non-spill assembly.
  • flushing the dispenser with distilled water. setting up a fresh bottle so you can enjoy refreshing and great-tasting water.

*As tested with Escherita coli, ATCC® 25922™ by ReadyRefresh, applies to gravity fed water dispensers with removable spigots*

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