ORIGIN™ Variety Flavor Sparkling Water 12 Fl Oz Aluminum Cans (24 Pack)

12 oz. - Can - Case of 24

REFRESHINGLY AMERICAN SPARKLING SPRING WATER: Unlike many premium sparkling water brands, We were born here. ORIGIN™ sparkling water is 100% Natural Spring Water, with added CO2 and natural flavors, for a refreshing taste. We share the deeply held values of the land we come from and in our American origins. We made sure to get the sparkling just right, refining our carbonation process to create the perfect balance of fine bubbles. The effervescent tingle on the tongue provides an exceptional drinking experience for any occasion. This pack contains 6 cans of Sparkling Berries Flavor, 6 cans of Sparkling Lime Flavor, and 12 cans of Sparkling Unflavored to try.

  • 24 PACK OF VARIETY-FLAVORED SPRING WATER WITH FINE BUBBLES: 100% natural spring water, with added refreshing flavors enhanced with the perfect balance of bubbles that tingle on the tongue
  • REFRESHINGLY AMERICAN SPARKLING SPRING WATER: Sourced, bottled, and delivered in the United States
  • PERFECTLY BALANCED WITH NATURALLY OCCURRING ELECTROLYTES: To deliver a crisp, clean taste that elevates any occasion
  • PREMIUM: Every detail - from the design of the can, to the care we put into conserving our springs, is to deliver the quality spring water in premium packaging
  • RECYCLABLE 12 OZ ALUMINUM CANS: For easy hydration in a format that can be recycled