Sanpellegrino® Italian Sparkling Drinks Ginger Beer - GlassUnavailable

200 ml (6.76 oz.) - Bottle - Case of 24

Sanpellegrino Ginger Beer is an elegant ginger beer with delicate hints of spice. Real ginger extract gives this ginger beer its decisive ginger aroma and flavor. Smooth and spicy with a touch of both bitter and sweet, it leaves with a citrusy freshness and the lingering warmth of ginger. This is a classic ginger beer that is perfect as a refreshing drink on its own and for all your cocktails and mixed drinks. SANPELLEGRINO has been delighting the world with authentic Italian taste since 1932. Crafted by the experts of taste, Sanpellegrino’s range of Italian sparkling drinks are your perfect partner for every moment in life. Premium flavors for delightful adventures, take your time to pick, chill, and let your evenings flow with Sanpellegrino.

  • Sanpellegrino Ginger Beer is a spicy, full-flavoured ginger beer made with a creative blend of gingers resulting in a balanced flavour ideal to have as-is and in mixed drinks.
  • SANPELLEGRINO delights the world with authentic Italian taste since 1932.
  • Quality ingredients create a smooth, sparkling drink with notes of citrus and spice.
  • 4 x 16.76-ounce/200 mL bottle boxes store easily in the fridge or pantry. Ideal to have on-hand for a delightful early evening break or special Italian aperitivo with friends.
  • Elegant, slender glass bottle with signature star embossing and crown cap ensures fresh, premium drinking experience with Italian style. Made with 100% recyclable materials.