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Sanpellegrino® Momenti Lemon & Red Raspberry Italian Sparkling Drinks - Slim CansOut of Stock

330 ml (11.15 oz.) - Can - Case of 24

SANPELLEGRINO Momenti Lemon & Red Raspberry is characterized by the wonderful blend of real juice (6%) from carefully selected lemons and raspberries that add a light fruity touch to fine, carbonated water. The sweetness of raspberry is balanced with citrusy lemon for a refreshing, light experience. With no artificial sweeteners and less than 40 calories per can, you can enjoy its surprising flavors at any moment you choose. An Italian tradition since 1932, SANPELLEGRINO Italian Sparkling Drinks have delighted the world with their authentic Italian taste. With this knowledge, SANPELLEGRINO now bring to you Momenti - peel back the foil cover and allow yourself to take in the colorful and exciting blend of superb fruit. Add a refined touch of color to your life, brighten up your moments with SANPELLEGRINO Momenti.

  • Four packs of six 11.15 fluid ounce cans
  • Sanpellegrino Momenti Lemon & Red Raspberry is the new low calorie, sparkling fruit drink that will add a burst of color to your moments.
  • Discover a vibrant and surprising flavor mix of real fruit juice and refreshing bubbles, with no artificial sweeteners.
  • A low-calorie drink with less than 40 calories per can, enjoy this tasty treat for lighter and brighter moments anytime, anywhere you choose.
  • 100% recyclable aluminum can with foil cover ensures quality freshness and 24 pack is easy to store for colorful moments at your convenience.