Splash NRG™ White Peach Flavored Sparkling Energy Water Beverage 11.5 Fl Oz Sleek Can (12 Pack)

11.5 oz. - Can - Case of 12

Fuel your fun with plant-based energy from Splash NRG™ -a delicious range of bold, fruit-flavored sparkling energy water beverages for people with a thirst for life. Made with added carbonated water and caffeine from green tea extract, a good source of zinc and magnesium electrolytes, and just 35 calories per can, it’s an alternative to other energy drinks. And with 75mg of plant-based caffeine, it provides great-tasting, energy. Spark your day with a range of refreshing fruit flavors sweetened with agave, like Splash NRG™ White Peach flavor. Perk up with a gentle peach flavored power-up for a delicious blast of fruity energy on the go, which can help you keep your cool during marathon gaming sessions or workouts. Try a refreshing boost of plant-based energy and drink in your day with Splash NRG™.

  • 12 PACK FRUITY FLAVORED POWER-UP: Each 11.5 fl oz Splash NRG™ sparkling energy water beverage is a flavorful way to help stay hydrated throughout the day
  • POWER UP WITH PEACH FLAVOR: Sparkling water and a splash of caffeine mixed with vibrant peach flavor to perk up your play time
  • FUEL YOUR FUN: Available in a range of bold flavor options - Meyer Lemon, Super Berry, Valencia Orange, and White Peach flavors
  • TRY A REFRESHING BOOST OF PLANT-BASED ENERGY: Made with caffeine from green tea extract and inspired by nature
  • JUST ENOUGH NRG TO KEEP YOUR COOL: 75mg caffeine for just enough NRG to keep your cool
  • GOOD SOURCE OF ZINC & MAGNESIUM ELECTROLYTES: And just 35 calories per can for a boost of refreshing energy on the go