AccuPure FF1-C Filtration Replacement Filter

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  • Exclusive ReadyRefresh Smart Filtration Replacement cartridge for the AccuPure FF1 System
  • Our filtration system and replacement cartridge connect directly to your kitchen faucet to filter your water
  • REMINDER: Replace cartridge/filter every 12 months or 6,000 gallons for optimal results
  • Cartridge Replacement is as easy as changing a lightbulb!
  • Return your empty cartridge to us by following instructions in the box
  • Make sure to add your installation date on the label for an accurate timestamp


  • Powered by 3M Technology
  • Improved Taste and Quality
  • Health and NSF Safety Certifications
  • Reliable, Expert Service Available
  • Sustainable Efforts under the WQA

Learn even more about AccuPure FF1 filtration system & cartridge by checking out the informative video here.

Check out our Cartridge Change-out Instructions.

Check out our Empty Cartridge Return Instructions.