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Dispenser Pro-Cleaning


Why should I have my water dispenser cleaned and sanitized?

Just like other appliances, regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary for your water dispenser to perform at its best. Over time, water dispensers are exposed to things like dirt, dust, pollution, germs, bacteria, and sunlight that can impact the dispenser's hygiene level and, subsequently, the taste of the water.

Is the Professional Dispenser Cleaning process different or better than what I’ve been doing on my own?

The ReadyRefresh® Professional Cleaning Service goes beyond what customers can generally do by themselves. Our dedicated ReadyRefresh® Technicians use a professional-grade cleaner/sanitizer and equipment to employ a unique process that thoroughly cleans and sanitizes your water dispenser. Our process removes 99.9% of bacteria*. In addition to cleaning all external surfaces, our Technicians will remove internal components and clean all water contact surfaces. The spigots, baffle, and non-spill assembly are either cleaned or replaced, and then the dispenser is thoroughly flushed with distilled water. Finally, a fresh bottle is set up, and you’re once again ready to enjoy refreshing and great-tasting water.

How often should I have my water dispenser professionally cleaned?

ReadyRefresh® recommends that your dispenser be professionally cleaned and sanitized 2-4 times per year.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Simple — just call our Customer Service Center at 1-844-897-8094 to schedule an appointment. Please note that this service is only available in certain areas.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for the appointment?

It is our commitment to ensure the health and safety of our customers while providing you with this service. In an effort to adhere to social distancing guidelines, our Professional Cleaning Service will now be performed outside of the home. You have the choice to give our technician access to your home to retrieve the dispenser or we ask that you bring the dispenser out yourself. Our technicians will now perform the service outside of the home, in the hallway or common area of a building, or in their van.

What is the typical length of an appointment?

A Professional Dispenser Cleaning Service appointment generally takes about 30 minutes.

Does the existing bottle in the water dispenser need to be empty?

Your water bottle does not need to be empty, but we do suggest using as much of the water as possible prior to your appointment. At the conclusion of the Professional Dispenser Cleaning Service, our Technician will replace your existing bottle with a fresh one that you supply.

Is there a separate fee for Professional Dispenser Cleaning Service, and if so, can I pay through my ReadyRefresh® bill?

Yes, there is an additional cost for Professional Dispenser Cleaning Service. The fee is $94.99 per dispenser serviced. We’re happy to provide our customers the convenience of a single monthly bill for all ReadyRefresh® products and offerings. The fee for Professional Dispenser Cleaning Service will appear on your bill during the month that the service was performed. Please call our Customer Service Center at 1-844-897-8094 for pricing or to find out if any promotional deals or discounts are available.

*As tested with Escherichia coli, ATCC® 25922™ by ReadyRefresh®, applies to gravity fed water dispensers with removable spigots.

The Lumina™ Dispenser

What is the difference between the LuminaTM water dispenser and traditional water dispensers?

The sleek and modern LuminaTM water dispenser has a bottom-load design for quick and easy bottle changes, a higher dispensing point, a built-in cup holder and it’s the only water dispenser that features the replaceable AquaEaseTM Water Cartridge. This innovative technology means you’ll always enjoy great-tasting water that’s from a clean dispensing source.

What is AquaEaseTM?

AquaEaseTM is a Water Cartridge system that replaces all internal cold water-contact parts. The used water cartridge is completely removed from the dispenser, and the new one is installed in its place. Once pressurized, the sealed system will prevent air from making contact with the water in the reservoir.

Is the LuminaTM water dispenser available for rent?

No, at this time, LuminaTM is only available for purchase.

Why do I need to replace the AquaEaseTM Water Cartridge?

Just like other appliances, regular maintenance is necessary for your water dispenser to perform at its best. Over time, water dispensers are exposed to things like dirt, dust, pollution, germs and bacteria that can impact the dispenser’s hygiene level and, subsequently, the taste of the water.

How often do I need to replace the AquaEaseTM Water Cartridge?

ReadyRefresh® recommends that the AquaEaseTM Water Cartridge be replaced every three months.

Can I rinse/wash AquaEaseTM and reuse it?

Your AquaEaseTM has been designed for one use only and it is not recommended for cleaning or reuse.

What if I don’t replace AquaEaseTM every three months / regularly?

Just like other appliances, regular maintenance is necessary for your water dispenser to perform at its best. Over time, water dispensers are exposed to things like dirt, dust, pollution, germs and bacteria that can impact the dispenser’s hygiene level and, subsequently, the taste of the water.

Are all the materials used in the AquaEaseTM safe?

The AquaEaseTM is perfectly safe to use. All materials used in AquaEaseTM are FDA approved for food contact, and it meets BlueTriton Brands strict quality standards for food contact.

Will my ReadyRefresh® Service Representative (delivery person) replace the AquaEaseTM / change a bottle of water for me?

Upon initial delivery, your ReadyRefresh® Service Representative will set up your LuminaTM dispenser, install the AquaEaseTM (1st one comes with the dispenser) and put in a new bottle of water. For subsequent replacements and changes, you can easily replace it on your own, referring to the Quick Reference Card under the lid of the dispenser. If you would prefer a ReadyRefresh® Service Representative replace it, for a fee, on the day of your delivery, call customer service to request.

How will I know it’s time to change a bottle of water / replace AquaEaseTM?

A small, red indicator light makes it easy to know when to change the bottle or replace the AquaEaseTM Water Cartridge. A solid red light means it’s time to change the bottle of water (it’s nearly empty). A flashing red light means it’s time to change the AquaEaseTM Water Cartridge (occurs every three months).

How do I change a bottle of water?

Refer to the Quick Reference Card located underneath the lid of the dispenser or Open New Windowdownload here. To open the lid, press the buttons on either side of the lid, and lift.
Open New WindowLumina Bottom Load: How to change the 5 gallon water bottle - YouTube.

How do I replace the AquaEaseTM Water Cartridge?

Refer to the Quick Reference Card located underneath the lid of the dispenser or Open New Windowdownload here. To open the lid, press the buttons on either side of the lid, and lift.
Open New WindowLumina Bottom Load: How to change the AquaEase Water Cartridge - YouTube.

Watch videos or download the manuals below.

Open New WindowReadyRefresh Lumina Dispenser DIY Setup - YouTube
Open New WindowLumina Bottom Load: How to change the AquaEase Water Cartridge - YouTube
Download Manuals: Open New WindowLUMINA | Open New WindowBYC736

How do I order replacement AquaEaseTM Water Cartridges?

Log into your ReadyRefresh® account, go to Shop -> Dispensers & Supplies ->Water Dispensers -> AquaEaseTM Water Cartridge, specify quantity and add to your next ReadyRefresh® order. It will be delivered by your ReadyRefresh® Service Representative.

What is the cup dispenser capacity? What size cups do I use?

The LuminaTM can hold up to 60 (9oz.) cold cups

What size bottles of water does the LuminaTM accept?

The dispenser will work with both 3 and 5-gallon bottles. However, currently the panel notifications (change bottle & AquaEaseTM) will only function correctly with 5-gallon bottles.

How do I dispense hot water?

Squeeze the red safety lever up to the chrome lever and press downwards to dispense water. Release the lever to reactivate the safety lock.

Does the entire bottle cap need to be removed when I change a bottle of water?

Yes, the entire bottle cap needs to be fully removed so the AquaEaseTM Water Cartridge can be installed correctly.

What is the temperature of the cold water?

Between 40°F - 48°F

What is the temperature of the hot water?

Between 175°F - 190°F

How do I clean the exterior of LuminaTM?

The exterior of the dispenser can be cleaned with warm soapy water. The drip tray can be unclipped from the front panel and cleaned separately. – We would not recommend cleaning this part in a dishwasher as this may affect the color/appearance over time


Products, Dispensers and Supplies


What kinds of ReadyRefresh® products can I get delivered?

The most refreshing kinds, of course! We offer a wide range of leading brand bottled, still and sparkling waters, flavored water beverages, ready-to-drink teas, and coffee delivered directly to your home or business. Products can be ordered in a variety of sizes, from large family-size bottles to small on-the-go sizes.

Does ReadyRefresh® offer 5-gallon and/or 3-gallon water delivery?

That’s a BIG yes. We offer 5-gallon and 3-gallon Regional Spring Water and Nestlé ® Pure Life ®!

What are bottle date codes?

Bottle date codes are our way of letting you know you’re getting the newest and freshest products available. You can be sure that all of our retail bottles are stamped with production times, dates and plant location codes.

Can I get purified, sparkling or spring water delivered?

Of course! Simply visit our homepageOpens in new window and hover over the “Products” dropdown at the top of the page. This will show you the wide variety of products we have to offer.

Can I get water delivered in bulk?

Definitely! You can receive water delivered in bulk in variety of sizes including 5-gallons, 3-gallons, case packs and more. Simply choose your ideal sizes and we’ll bring them to you!

Water Dispensers

What kinds of water dispensers are available?

We have a variety of options to suit a variety of needs. Our dispensers range from room temperature and cold temperature spigots to multi-temperature spigots with features like LED illuminated displays and cleaning reminder alerts. We even have ceramic crocks that provide room temperature water without the need for any access to an electrical outlet. So, yeah...we’ve got options!

Can I rent a water dispenser from ReadyRefresh®?

Yes, we have a wide variety of water dispensers available for rent. Visit the dispenser page and select yours today!

How do I clean my dispenser? How often should I clean it?

We recommend cleaning your dispenser every six months. You can schedule a ReadyRefresh® Professional Cleaning Service (only available in certain areas) by calling 1-844-897-8094 or watch the videoOpens a Youtube video in new window and follow the below instructions to clean your dispenser yourself:

Before you begin, you'll need the following items: Clean rubber gloves, paper towels, a scrub brush, a scrub pad and boiling hot water.

To clean your dispenser, follow these steps: Unplug the electrical cord. Remove the empty bottle and baffle (if there is one). Drain any water through the spigot. Carefully fill the reservoir with boiling hot water and wait 3 minutes. ALWAYS BE CAREFUL NOT TO SPILL BOILING HOT WATER ON YOURSELF! Use rubber gloves and a scrub brush (never use steel wool or anything abrasive) to clean the reservoir and baffle. Place the baffle upside down in the reservoir. Drain the water through spigot. Pour more boiling hot water in the reservoir, then clean the spigots, body and handles. Drain all the water through the spigots. Rinse, dry and replace the baffle and plastic top. Place a full bottle of water on top. If you have a hot water dispenser, remove the air from the tank by opening the hot spigot until the water flows freely. Plug in the unit and allow a few minutes for the water in your dispenser to heat up or cool down.

IMPORTANT: Once water flows freely and air is removed, you can plug your cooler into a grounded receptacle. Cleaning the Drip Tray: The drip tray catches occasional spills and should be emptied and cleaned monthly. To do so, remove the drip tray, clean it with mild soap and water, then rinse and dry it thoroughly.

For additional information on how to clean your dispenser, call our Customer Service Center at 1-800-274-5282 for a free brochure.

Cleaning Tips

We like to say, you can’t get clean water from a dirty dispenser. While all of our dispensers provide great-tasting, high-quality water to your home or business, the best way to maintain the quality of your water is to make sure to clean the dispenser itself every three to six months.

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