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Rent: $19.99/monthBuy: $199.99 or $16.66 for 12 months

    AccuPure System
Certified to improve water quality at the tap (removes Lead, Chlorine T&O, select VOCs†)   check
Certified by WQA for product sustainability attributes   check
Easy to install, connects at the existing kitchen faucet, no countertop drilling   check
Small footprint; the system requires at least 18” clearance under the sink.   check
Provides filtered water to refrigerators and ice makers   check
Full flow provides 2.5 gallons per minute, with minimum loss of water pressure at the sink   check
Quick and easy cartridge replacement with built-in shutoff valve.   check
Long filter cartridge life - 6,000 gallons or up to one year PLUS 12 month Countdown Timer   check

Frequently Asked Questions

To start the process, you can either order your filter system online or call an ReadyRefresh® filtration specialist at 800-759-6208. After you place an order, we will schedule a convenient appointment to install your new ReadyRefresh® filtration system. A certified ReadyRefresh® service technician will determine the locations of your water and electrical sources and will ensure that the right technology is selected to filter your tap water.

At the appropriate interval, we will mail residential customers a replacement filter cartridge for an easy, straightforward self-service filter change. Just twist out the old filter and twist in the new filter, that’s it (if needed, certified ReadyRefresh® service technicians available upon request)! We encourage the return of the used filter for recycling via the pre-paid postage return kit. For commercial customers, a certified ReadyRefresh® service technician will return to replace the filter and remove all used filters for proper disposal.

Installations During COVID-19
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AccuPure Drinking Water Systems are simple, effective & easy to install solutions for residential or commercial applications

  • All installation and maintenance is performed by certified ReadyRefresh® service technicians.
  • We exclusively use filters manufactured by 3M Purification Inc., that have been certified by NSF International and WQA for sustainability.
  • Our filtration experts research innovative technology to use, as appropriate.
  • We create filtration innovations to ensure the best value for our customers.

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Rent: $19.99/monthBuy: $199.99 or 12 monthly payments of $16.66