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520 ml (17.58 oz) - Bottle - Case of 12

We are the original tea lovers, and we’ve taken this 70+ year passion expertise to a new unmatched level of taste with NESTEA Flash Brewed. A new, bold, and better-for-you iced tea with state-of-the-art brewing that creates unrivaled natural flavor & more good nutrients.

  • EXTRAORDINARY FLAVORS | 100% of our tea is hand-picked from Nilgiri, India— renowned for its pristine & aromatic tea leaves. We infuse this tea with bursting flavors found in nature, comparable only to biting into a ripe, juicy fruit. The flavor harmony creates a sublime and bold tea experience.
  • KEY NUTRIENTS | Our signature Flash Brew process breaks the status quo for a simple yet revolutionary brewing method. Minimal heat treatment allows for optimal preservation of real fruit flavors while maintaining an above-average level of nutrients. Hello, antioxidants!
  • GUILT-FREE & CLEAN LABEL | Only 100 calories a bottle with absolutely no bad stuff. We use ZERO artificial flavors and colors, ZERO high-fructose corn syrup, and ZERO preservatives, protecting the goodness of tea. Substitute NESTEA Flash Brewed for soda, juice, and sports drinks for a guilt-free sip.
  • ETHICAL SOURCING | Every single leaf is grown and harvested on farms and forests that follow sustainable practices. We wear this badge proudly, look for the Rainforest Alliance Certification seal on every bottle.