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Nestlé®Pure Life®+ Active Enhanced Flavored Water - Orange plus Potassium Out of stock

20 oz. - Bottle - Case of 4

Life is busy. Now there’s a water to help you stay on top of it. Introducing Nestle Pure Life+, a new range of delicious water beverages enhanced with nutrients for your everyday workout. REVIVE with Magnesium in refreshing lemon flavor to help reduce tiredness and fatigue. PROTECT with Zinc in tasty blackberry flavor to help maintain a normal functioning immune system. And ACTIVE with Potassium in refreshing orange flavor to help contribute to normal muscle function. With up to 35% of your daily requirement of key nutrients in each bottle, it's your go-to drink to help you take on life.

  • ENHANCED WATER BEVERAGE: Nestle Pure Life + ACTIVE is a new enhanced water beverage for your everyday workout
  • WATER + POTASSIUM to help contribute to normal muscle function
  • REFRESHING ORANGE FLAVOR sweetened with Monk Fruit for taste
  • AN EASY WAY to get 15% of your daily potassium
  • HYDRATION + MINERALS TO GO 4 Pack of 20 Fl. oz. bottles