Nestlé® Splash Natural Pineapple Mango Flavored Water

.5 Liter (16.9 oz.) - Bottle - Case of 24

Dive into a world of fun and flavorful hydration with Nestlé® Splash. Our Pineapple Mango-flavored variety brings a burst of tropical flavor and is a great way to stay hydrated throughout the day. Nestlé® Splash bottled water beverages combine purified water with a light “splash” of sweetness and bold fruit flavor. Each of our enticing varieties has no sugars, no calories, and no colors or dyes, making them a wonderful alternative to sugary or high-calorie beverages. So, when you’re looking to add a little pizzazz to your daily hydration, enjoy a flavorful break with Nestlé® Splash.

  • 4 Packs of 6 16.9-ounce/.5-Liter plastic bottles- perfect to take for lunch or bring to work
  • Purified water with a “splash” of sweetness and bold pineapple and mango fruit flavors
  • Sugar-free, calorie-free, and no colors or dyes
  • A great alternative to sugary or high-calorie beverages